Acceptance – Acceptance is a choice we all have the ability to make. Acceptance of ourselves is the most important thing we can do to live a happy, free, fulfilling life. When we accept a situation or person for all that it, he or she is, it is allowing what is and breaks you from the chains that have held you stuck. When we don’t accept something for what it is it can cause us thoughts and feelings that turn into actions that are not necessarily aligned with love. Accepting doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree, but accepting what is in that moment will free you from criticism, resentment, fear and guilt with yourself and others. Accepting means allowing what is to be. When you accept something for its truth, you’re not going against the grain. When you accept what is, you have the choice to either grow from it or let it take you out. Both are a choice, and consciously we have to choose what we want. This is helpful when situations that are out of our control take place. We can either accept the situation for what it is, or get caught up in the illusions of what we think we need, when we need it and why. What should have happened and how we could have made it happen. This is a slippery slope when we detour into fear of trying to make things happen the way we feel they need to be, or getting angry and upset for not having the outcome we feel we need at that time. Our fearful mind can take us out and pollute our minds with everything but the truth. Our ego mind loves control. What I’ve learned when situations that are out of your control occur, is to be thankful for what it is here to teach you. To stay open to the guidance that is available and to be open to the change that is occurring. What can you learn from this? What is coming up to be healed? If you’re triggered; is there something deeper you need to look at? Do you trust yourself? Do you trust life? The truth is, life happens for us and situations appear in our lives to help us grow. Maybe we need to trust more and let go of the wheel that we’ve clung onto so tightly of how we feel life is meant to be and surrender to a plan far greater that we can even imagine. The most important lesson I’ve learned is acceptance of myself. Accepting the truth of who I am, letting go of fearful stories and being fully and completely in love with myself. Loving and accepting myself because I am whole as I am.

Acceptance of myself means to me honoring what I need to live my best life, day to day, moment to moment. Being happy with who I am at that time. Continuing to learn, grow, heal, share, and accept all the parts of me… to stay curious and open with life. From what I say to myself, to what I put into my body, from what I do moment to moment, day to day, to how I pray and meditate, to how I love all has a more positive impact when I accept myself more and love myself freely. I’ve learned this past year to love and accept myself fully and all I’m capable of within. To accept all the goodness in my heart and my intuition that is always here for me. To give love as much as possible because that is my truth and it feels right. Often we get in our own way and limit what we are truly capable of, or don’t take action because something we’ve thought – and believed to be true. The best part is, we can always choose again. Accepting what is and choosing again is very powerful and has the ability to transform any situation. Always remember to be gentle with yourself and forgive yourself. When you accept, let go and trust in a higher power to guide you, all lack and limitation lifts away and you open up to creative solutions and possibilities of the highest good. This is where miracles occur. A Course in Miracles teaches that when miracles do not occur something has gone wrong. Sometimes it’s a thought – and thoughts can be changed. Forgive yourself and choose again.

Acceptance is freeing, transforming and healing. Accepting is safe.

A few questions to leave you with…

1. Where do you want to go in your future? How do you want to show up?

2. What do you want to improve on? How can you make daily and weekly steps to create change in your life?

Remember, start small, have compassion for yourself and where you’re at and watch the miracles unfold in your life.

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