Cannabis as a present?

Cannabis as a present? If you're like most people, you've probably never considered purchasing cannabis for a present for anyone before. But this is a real thing that people do now. As a society, it's normal to bring a bottle of wine as a hostess gift. But it's just now that we have started to look differently at cannabis. And it is no longer abnormal to buy a vape pen, some well packaged pre-rolls or some premium flower as a gift for someone. So, I thought I would pull together an easy guide on the different forms of cannabis and the person that they would be best suited for as a gift :).

Flower: Let's start with the original - some good old fashioned flower. Stores now sell flower in perfectly packaged containers in sizes ranging from 1g to full ounces (28g). Licensed stores will ensure the flower comes in smell proof and child proof packaging and prices range anywhere from $19 to $60 for an eighth (3.5g).

Who is this best for: A seasoned cannabis consumer. Someone who isn't afraid to roll up their sleeves and roll a joint...or they have an herb vaporizer. If you're feeling extra generous, you could throw in a pretty pipe accessory like the one here from Oak and Earth Creations. Most stores also have a broad selection of pre-rolled joints.

Vapes - This is probably the easiest way to consume for the quickest effects. Vape pens can come in disposable forms like the pen pictured here, or you can purchase cartridges that are then attached to batteries (the longer part of the pen) that need to be charged. Cartridges are the best way to go if you want to get more product and there's also more variety.

Who is this best for: A newbie or a seasoned consumer. Just be aware of the THC levels when you purchase - these pens can be pretty strong so it's best to start with one puff, wait 5 minutes and then take another if you would like a stronger high.

Topicals: These can be creams, balms or even intimate lubes (such as the one pictured here). Topicals can take a little bit longer to take effect, but they are great for aches and pains... and sexual activity. Cannabis consumption plus cannabis based lubes will make for an unforgettable sexual experience.

Who is this best for: A newbie, someone with sore muscles, or someone who really loves sex ;).

Stay tuned for part II where I'll cover cosmetics/beauty, edibles, sprays and more accessories :).

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