Future Tripping

Future Tripping…

-Steals your joy

-Takes away from the present moment which is what’s true

-Is not real

Ways to come back… Go deeper, not forward. How can you deepen the moment you’re in? Instead of projecting forward deepen the place where you are in this moment. Are you breathing? On autopilot rushing to get things done now? Step back and center into your breath to return to the present moment. A great breath exercise is counting to 4 on the inhale, holding for 4 seconds and on the exhale count to 4. This will help steady your breath and nervous system which will help you release anxiety, worry, judgement.. all the lower energies that fear keeps us stuck in. In my recent experience I caught myself thinking of things I didn’t necessarily want, but I recognized that I was being fearful and trying to control the future. This was worry and my ego trying to keep me stuck and “safe”. I recognized this, forgave myself and forgave the thought in general. I welcomed a more loving perspective to step in and support from my inner guide and the Universe – as I know the Universe is an ever present energy field of love that I am apart of. This allowed me to heal the false perception I clung on to and be open for a more loving perspective to step in. I trust and believe that the Universe guides, supports, protects us always. Sometimes we can get in our own way thinking we have the answer when really our job is to surrender, open up and trust that the Universe has a plan far greater and grander than we can imagine and that all things happen in Devine time and order. After I was able to do my inner work, I found a deep peace within and unexpected great things started to happen as I allowed them to. Open up and talk about it, journal about it… I guarantee you’ll feel better about it. Whenever you feel stuck, or unsure… know that it is safe to let go and let God and the Universe do its thing.

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