Judgement vs. Miracle

Judgement or the Miracle I’d like to share with you a topic that has been a daily practice for me and in my awareness as I move through my day. This has to do with how you feel and what you’re perceiving; how you’re viewing life, situations that you’re in and the state you’re in. You can feel when you’re in alignment and you can feel when you’re out of alignment. When you’re in alignment, life feels good. Life is flowy, you’re open to what the Universe has to offer, surrendered and trusting in something larger than yourself working on your behalf to support you. When you’re out of alignment, you can feel stuck, unsure, in your head and like life isn’t supporting you. The good thing is, is all thoughts can be changed and you can have a new experience when you decide you want one. The choice is yours, and the Universe will support whatever you choose. You choose, and you can’t have both. It’s one or the other. This comes for all and is a conscious awareness and decision. For example, when you judge others you are merely judging yourself as what you perceive in others is a mirror reflection of yourself. If this has happened to you – have compassion for yourself, forgive the thought and ask your inner guide what you’re meant to learn from this. Forgiveness sets us free – free from the past and free from the future. Being forgiving of yourself is the way to free yourself from the judgement you’ve held on to. Trust and know, it is safe to let it go and move through what has held you into something new. Forgiveness allows you to see yourself and others through the eyes of compassion: recognizing we are all in this together. Choose today: don’t be so hard on yourself. Say to yourself, I choose to let this go and I choose to forgive. Welcome healing and experience the miracles that are natural. If this is a new practice for you, start small and witness the miracles that add up. This is your birthright and your truth. No one can take this from you, but you. Today, choose to align your thoughts and actions with love and see the miracles unfold in front of you. I’d love to hear how this has shifted something in your life – leave me a comment and share your miracle! Sending you love and light today and always

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