LED Light Therapy for better skin?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Welcome to the newest entrant in the anti-aging and skincare scene: The LED Light Therapy mask. I’ve had my fair share of LED light therapy at spas and cosmetic acupuncturists and thought the results were pretty good given the infrequency of how often I received the therapy. So I was pretty excited to see at-home options hit the skincare scene. I connected with my friend and cosmetic-acupuncturist extraordinaire, Kacie Krecolowich from Silk and Palm in Toronto to find out a bit more about these at-home options.

Bloom & Elix: How does light therapy benefit the skin?

Kacie: LED Light Therapy works at the cellular level and is able to penetrate the different layers of the skin depending on what colour you're using.

Red stimulates collagen production and reduces inflammation. Blue reduces oil production and fights acne. Yellow increases cellular turnover and brightens hyperpigmentation. It needs to be used often in the beginning (I recommend every 2nd day for 4-6 weeks and then you can go down to 3x weekly after).

Bloom & Elix: Is there any age group that light therapy is best for?

Kacie: Not necessarily. Because the different colours have different benefits to the skin, it all depends on what the person is wanting to achieve. Acne? Blue light would be best for you (and can be done as a teenager). Aging? Red light is best for you and can be started in your early 20's to slow the aging process.

Bloom & Elix: Are there any risks to this kind of at-home treatment?

Kacie: LED Light Therapy is generally very safe! It can even be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding (I always recommend checking with your doctor first though). The only potential side effect is for the eye area which is why it's important to make sure you use a mask that has been safety tested!

Bloom & Elix: What are the best at-home versions?

Kacie: SkinGear Led Light Shield Mask - this mask has 3 colour settings to choose from, it's hands free and cordless so you're able to walk around and do stuff and It's also been safety tested for the eye area.

If you want to splurge: Deesse Pro Mask

Another option is the Dr Dennis Gross Mask - it only has 2 light options (red and blue) but it's also hands free.

I’ve ordered my own at-home version and can’t wait to update you all on how it works for my skin. Stay tuned!

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