My state of wellness

What does Wellness even mean anymore? It feels like this term that has been thrown around a lot but I really think it means different things to different people.

Let’s start with a technical definition of Wellness from

1. the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

2. an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.

While I don’t disagree with this at all, my own personal definition is a bit more fulsome. To me, wellness is reaching a state where my mind and body are content. They are at a state where I feel ready to take on the world and contribute to the greater good.

My wellness doesn’t come from cleanses or crazy diets. My wellness comes from eating food that comes from my kitchen (and usually with vegetables and herbs that come from my garden). I’m not a vegetarian, I cook with butter and cream, and I love cookies. But I don’t overdo it. I’m an avid intermittent faster and I don’t drink alcohol or smoke. I partake in cannabis in the evenings to help me sleep, and a glass of lemon water is my favorite form of hydration. I need coffee to fuel my personality, and I snack on chocolate covered almonds.

Wellness to me is physical activity. It means I get my body moving for at least 30 minutes a day. Sometimes it’s cardio HIIT and strength training, and other times it’s a power vinyasa flow. I park further away when I’m grocery shopping so th

at I can walk more. And I try to only shop the perimeter of the grocery store. My wellness is a healthy sex life and a healthy relationship with physical touch.

I feed my spirituality with meditation and weekly bible study. I love meeting with a community of women where we can freely talk about God and our lives. Our struggles and our triumphs. And we pray together. Because prayer is so important to me.

Wellness is family. I eat lunch with my parents and brother a few days a week. My hubs and I eat dinner together at 6pm nightly (unless I’m travelling). I’m lucky to be a part of a blended family where my hubs’ ex-wife and I can flourish in our own relationship and their son is surrounded by nothing but love.

Wellness to me is so much more than just being in a state of “health”. It’s everything I’ve mentioned and so much more. What is your state of wellness?

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