Question, Don’t Just Consume.

If there is one thing that 2020 has shown us, it is that there has been an emergence of two distinct types of people:

1) Those who will simply consume whatever messages / news/ information are presented to them without really questioning anything

2) Those who believe there is a hidden message behind everything then read. They question every inch of something they hear, and always arrive at the statement that whatever you read was massaged to make you believe something that isn’t necessarily true because there is a secret group that rules the world. They also believe that rich people drink the blood of babies (that’s kind of tongue in cheek, but also kind of true).

I’m about to launch a series at Bloom & Elix called Question, Don’t Just Consume. The point of this series is to shed light on subjects ranging from COVID-19 to Vaccinations, Cannabis and Beauty so that we can come together to deep dive into the intricacies within these subject matter areas with a critical look.

For those of you who had progressive high school teachers, or spent time in the post-secondary world, critical thinking is ideally one of the key skills that you attain. And critical thinking is something that is so important in this day and age.

We are in a moment in time that seems incredibly difficult, and it will pass, but is highlighting how important critical thinking is. We are all surrounded by people who are giving us their epidemiological opinions on COVID-19 and childhood vaccines, but they have never actually studied the subject. We are surrounded by people who are giving illogical opinions on the COVID-19 lockdown but lack qualified information to understand the ramifications vs. the perceived benefits. And while this isn't the worst thing, because it does get us all thinking, it does contribute to spreading misinformation, and in these cases, misinformation can be dangerous.

What exactly is critical thinking? As the title of the series states, it means you don’t just consume whatever information is presented to you. Do your own research by looking at multiple sources. Look at user generated content on sites that aren’t just controlled by the mainstream media, but also look at everything through the lens of reality. Are the elites really drinking the blood of babies? I’m not sure, but I’m leaning towards no…because reality.

You’re allowed to question authority figures. But actually do your research. Don’t just lean on the opinions in Facebook groups and group chats. Do I support anti-masking rallies? No. But do I support those who simply just follow every measure that has been presented to us as citizens of this world? Also no. We need to remember that policy makers and leaders, like us, are human. They make mistakes. They don’t always do the right thing. And that’s okay, but it’s also okay to question what you are told. Don’t just consume. And when you do question, try and be kind. So many people are struggling right now. It's not about comparing whose mound or troubles or trauma are worse. We're all on this planet together. So let's try and be smart, informed and kind. It's the least we can do.

I’m so excited to launch this series and engage in discussions that actually get us thinking. Really thinking.

Stay safe


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