The Sacredness of Summer Solstice

Your summer plans may have been cancelled (again), but your love for summer doesn’t need to be. This is, after all, the season that brings us the most amount of daylight, warmth and possibility. There’s a lot to like about summer 2021 according to the stars, too. Take the opportunity of summer solstice to kick off a new chapter and reclaim your focus. It’s time.

Summer solstice is a powerful turning point. Arriving this year on June 20th, this is the longest day of the year when the sun reaches peak power. After today, the days gradually begin to get shorter and we descend into the dark half of the year. We have, at solstice, a chance to locate ourselves in the threshold between light and dark halves of the year, reflect on where we’ve been, and then turn over a new chapter.

How have you grown, over the last 6 months? What changes would you like to make, in the second half of the year? How would you like to make your outer world an even more accurate representation of your truth? The fertile earth is supporting our intentions for shedding the old and planting seeds for new growth. The cosmos do, too.

This year’s solstice arrives on the heels of our first eclipse season of the year (we had a full moon eclipse May 26th - a fated release, and a new moon eclipse June 10th - a fated new beginning), and many of us will still be feeling the effect of these powerful lunations. Whatever was ‘eclipsed’ out of your life this spring was ultimately clearing the way for something better - it’s how eclipse seasons works! As we move into summer, we may feel like we are walking a brand new path.

It’s a time to move toward what feels expansive, but also be discerning. This year’s solstice also coincides with Jupiter turning retrograde, the start of a 4-month period that will prompt us to look back over the growth and new ideas that came in in May and fine-tune our big picture vision. Jupiter rules abundance and hope, and in it’s home sign of Pisces until July 28th - so even retrograde, it still brings lucky energy. The summer gives a preview of what to expect in 2022, when Jupiter arrives back in Pisces for good. This summer is about positioning ourselves for growth.

No need to rush, however: In addition to Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury are also retrograde. Make this time about closing old doors and getting clear with yourself what exactly your success looks and feels. Retrogrades help us do the inner work first so the outer work can be swift and done right when it’s time to move forward. Summer solstice can help you mark the milestone of your commitment to your even brighter future, and your willingness to let go where need be.

Traditionally, solstice rituals harnessed the vibrant energy of the sun to set an intention in motion. The act of dancing around a bonfire was a common one. The act mirrors the earth’s orbit around the sun. To dance around a bonfire was to align with the movements of the cosmos, a small symbol of a much larger celestial movement. Timely rituals like these can create a shift! We may not be able to dance around a bonfire, but we can light a candle and call in our most aligned intentions. Solstice is a powerful day to do it.

Here is a summer solstice ritual that is all about cutting energetic cords with anything that might be blocking you from receiving your radiant blessings. It’ll clear the way forward to your bright, aligned future in the second half of the year. The following ritual is ideally done within 24 hours of solstice, June 20th. Apart from that, pick a space and time that feels right for you.

You’ll need:

  • A white candle

  • An orange candle

  • 2 pieces of paper and a pen

  • A saucepan or fireproof tray

1. Get comfortable in your space and take some deep mindful breaths. Take the piece of paper and write down all you are ready to release and leave in the first half of 2021. After you’re done writing, take a minute to say goodbye to everything you’re about to move forward from. Acknowledge how it once served you.

3. Now, light the white candle and burn the piece of paper over the flame. Drop it into the fireproof tray. Take a minute to feel the absence of what is being released.

5. Now, light the orange candle and allow images of the blessings that are ready to find you fill your mind. Don’t force this, simply allow them to come in. Write down on the other piece of paper all that you are ready to call in. Burn the paper over the flame and drop it in the saucepan. Feel gratitude for all the blessings that are on their way to you.

6. When you’re done, shake the ashes out on some grass outside. Arrive back in your space and see through the eyes of the new version of you.

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