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Women are strength. They are our sisters, our wives, our friends and neighbours.  Women make our world go round.  The women featured here are women like you and me.  They create and nurture.  They are powerful beyond measure and are meant to be celebrated. Everyday.

Our team at Bloom & Elix is so proud to feature the women below.  We reached out to a wide range of women from all walks of life.  We wanted to launch this feature for International Women's Day, but for more than just one day.  Because there are so many amazing women in this world and they should be celebrated for these two weeks, and every other day.


Remember to check back every few days as we feature more and more women between now and March 8, 2021 (International Women's Day). 

Hear it from Her.  Because she knows what she's talking about.


Gemma Paradise

Sex Worker

What other people think about you is none of your business


Nira Arora

94.5 Virgin Radio Vancouver Morning Show Host/Executive Producer

We may not always have all the answers, but that doesn’t mean we should stop asking the questions.


Kaylene Trudeau

General Manager - Skye Cannabis Co.

I am enough and whole as I am


Hasia Glaim

Life coach/Consultant/Yoga teacher/Topical creator

My wish for the world is for everyone to feel a sense of belonging, purpose and oneness within themselves and everything that surrounds them.


Jessica Lindsey Philips

Owner & Director: JL Phillips Gallery

Currently, I am most proud of becoming a publisher with the launch of my collaborative book; Man Who Cannot Die: Phantom Shields of the New Guinea Highlands.


Nicolle Hodges

Nicolle Hodges
Sexual freedom philosopher, journalist, author, and founder of the men’s mental health movement - Men Who Take Baths

My hope for the world is that all women today remember their power and the women who come after us are never made to forget.

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