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Hear it from Her

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Women are strength. They are our sisters, our wives, our friends and neighbours.  Women make our world go round.  The women featured here are women like you and me.  They create and nurture.  They are powerful beyond measure and are meant to be celebrated. Everyday.

Our team at Bloom & Elix is so proud to feature the women below.  We reached out to a wide range of women from all walks of life.  We wanted to launch this feature for International Women's Day, but for more than just one day.  Because there are so many amazing women in this world and they should be celebrated for these two weeks, and every other day.


Remember to check back every few days as we feature more and more women between now and March 8, 2021 (International Women's Day). 

Hear it from Her.  Because she knows what she's talking about.


Richelle Natt

Registered Nurse
Co-founder Form and
Co-founder Zoomers Dispensary

It came to pass as it was spoken. I truly believe what you think about you bring about.


Tabitha Fritz

CEO of Fritz’s Cannabis Company, Cannabis Educator & Consultant, Creator of the Level UP Budtender Education Program

I’ve made a lot of moves that other people didn’t understand, and that didn’t seem to make sense at the time, but every time, I knew what I was doing was right for me.


Lesley Nantel

Chapter President for Huntington Society of Canada, Senior Project Coordinator Division of Family Practice

There will be difficult seasons, but so comes hope.


Ayesha Jensen

Private Women’s Wellness Personal Trainer & Precision Nutrition Coach

I hope for the world to redefine beauty standards and start accepting and loving ourselves the way we were created


Farrell Miller

Cannabis Entrepreneur, Advisor & Confidante

Obtaining a law degree from the University of British Columbia is something my ancestors could have only dreamed of.


Dr. Jody Toor

Chief Medical Officer - Conscious Mind Labs

Being a mother to my two beautiful daughters has taught me about strengths I didn't know I had and fears I didn't know existed.


Dr. Kyla Hingwing


I'm most proud of finishing my Ph.D. and then giving birth to my son two months later. I gave birth to two babies that year!


Crystal Carson

Connector-Entrepreneur-Investor-Media Expert

My life has been a series of significant plot twists, some due to tragedy, others due to curiosity. This has allowed me to live without fear or judgement, truly experiencing a serendipitous life.


Stephanie Lee

Securities Lawyer

I am most proud of my ability and strength to navigate through being a divorced, single parent to an amazing daughter, having a demanding career which I started later in life and living through a mental illness - bipolar disorder.


Chelsea Badr

Hair Stylist

My hope for the world is to keep moving forward and to have equality and peace for everyone.


Angela Ford-Reimche

Holistic Health Practitioner, Life Purpose + Health & Wellness Coach, Quantum Energy Healer
Owner Empress Health & Wellness Centre

I honour my spirit and allow her to help me heal all facets of my being.


Rebecca Fortin

Owner / Director: C-Rich Auto Centre

We are all one and should never be separated by our race, gender, sexual orientation or political view.


Genna Zimmel

Owner of Torus Health

It is only within oneself that you will discover true power, purpose and infinite possibilities.


Kanika Sasan

Entrepreneur/ Fashion Consultant

I am living by example for my own daughter and hopefully other young girls to stand in your souls true desire and honour it.


Kate Frelick

Owner/Designer Current Tyed Clothing

I connect with women daily and am in constant awe of our ability to multitask and persevere through whatever challenges we may face.


Harp Sohal

Owner - Pink Orchid Studio

No path without it's obstacles. Persevering through them, even when you feel like giving up, is truly rewarding.


Jacqui Childs

International best selling Author and Speaker.
Award winning Influencer and Wellness Advocate.

My hope is our current crisis has impacted us all so profoundly, that we come together, be vulnerable and spread kindness.


Theresa Tran

ER Nurse/Cancer Nurse

The most powerful tool I can give my daughter is to lead by example.


Raman Chohan

Entrepreneur/ Skin Care Guru

There is magic on the other side of fear.


Kelsey Cannabis

Cannabis Educator & Public Speaker

There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude.