Dr. Jody Toor

Chief Medical Officer - Conscious Mind Labs

I am most Proud of...
There really is nothing like being a mother.
It is an indescribable feeling of pure love that only exists between a mother and her children.
Being a mother to my two beautiful daughters has taught me about strengths I didn't know I had and fears I didn't know existed.

My hope for the world...
No more poverty, peace throughout, educated youth and leaders – and a world of integrity, love, peace and compassion.
An enabling environment and society for women and girls to be whatever they want!

My wellness mantra...
Wellness to me right now and for the last little bit has been giving myself the permission to take time to take care of myself and to be by myself and to not have to feel guilty for not participating and responding to all of the demands all of the time. And to really give myself space and freedom to be with myself and my little family