Farrell Miller

Cannabis Entrepreneur, Advisor & Confidante

What am I most proud of?
Being first-generation with post-secondary education in my family. I learned resilience, independence, and an ability to thrive under difficult circumstances. Obtaining a law degree from the University of British Columbia is something my ancestors could have only dreamed of.

I am fuelled by a persistent voice in my head that constantly asks "why not me?" I am motivated by the achievements of others because it helps me envision my own goals. At the same time, I am proud of myself for thinking "outside the box" and pursuing a nontraditional legal career as a cannabis entrepreneur. It has not been easy, and opening retail stores focused on the cannabis shopping experience during a global pandemic has challenged me in ways that I never thought about while in law school.

My hope for the world?
That we learn to be there for each other, and have respect for all living things on planet earth.

My wellness mantra?
Roll with the punches. As an avid snowboarder and equestrian; learning how to fall is just as important as getting back up again.