Jacqui Childs

International best selling Author and Speaker.
Award winning Influencer and Wellness Advocate.

I am most proud of my 2 beautiful sons. Both are following in my footsteps, to help normalize often uncomfortable conversations surrounding mental health, plant medicine and KINDNESS.

My hope for the world:
The pandemic has create an obvious shift, and through these difficult times, we're all uncertain, even uncomfortable. I hope that we use this time to heal, starting with releasing ourselves from the trauma, guilt and shame so many of us carry through life. Once we can forgive ourselves, it becomes easier to forgive others, forgiveness leads to compassion and empathy. If more of us had a solid foundation, we could nurture those close to us and in our communities.
The world and our existence, is a gift, that is regifted over and over, we must leave it better than we found it. My hope is our current crisis has impacted us all so profoundly, that we come together, be vulnerable and spread kindness. When our communities heal and become family, the rest is easy.

When it comes to wellness, I'm all over the map. I am grateful for plant medicine and the natural options. As I age, I recognize the importance of internal wellness, both mentally and physically.
My daily wellness routine is, a sleep in, meditation in my sauna, and journaling.
I have to get my thoughts and ideas out!
Much like keeping yourself regular, ( I have Crohns) negative thoughts and heavy internal dialogue can weight you down. In my younger days, I thought wellness meant " white teeth and a spray tan" since my full hysterectomy, wellness means feeling the best I can, being as kind ( to myself and others) as I can, looking good comes last (lately not at all). I've had a "love hate" tug a war, with my body image most of my life, plant medicine has helped me get in a more forgiving and empowering place, body and mind.