Kanika Sasan

Entrepreneur/ Fashion Consultant

What are you most proud of?
I take pride in raising a family and being able to follow my own path as a woman/ individual. Social conditioning and the expectations can weigh heavy and limit the infinite potential for any woman. The work of blocking out the noise and being able to continue to work and finding my own source and purpose has been pivotal for me . I am living by example for my own daughter and hopefully other young girls to stand in your souls true desire and honour it.

What is your hope for the world?
My hope for the world and especially for women is to embrace their dreams instead of squandering them away. To find the courage to engage and commit to their journey and let go of anything that doesn’t serve them. Never apologize for being too much or not being able to fit the parameters set by other people. Nurture your authentic self and claim your individuality and essence.
The world may never approve, the world may never consent, but you owe yourself a life that is truly meaningful and you can then serve to your highest potential. Witnessing women claim their power is my biggest joy.

Wellness mantra
My wellness mantra is to be present in the moment. Being mindful and open to the abundance of this universe. One breath at a time :)