Kate Frelick

Owner/Designer Current Tyed Clothing

What are you most proud of?
Raising socially consensus humans while balancing my business. I connect with women daily and am in constant awe of our ability to multitask and persevere through whatever challenges we may face.

Wellness Mantra
Find the quiet in every day. For me, it is late at night when the house is asleep. I use this time to reconnect with myself and organize my space. Whether I spend the time working, exercising, reading or meditating - this time is my time and keeps me in my best mental headspace.

Hope for the World
My hope is that we begin to see the similarities and beauty that exist in our differences. I wish us all the courage and strength to become drivers of change, and challenge the norms we see in every day. I hope my children live in a world with more love and less hate - a world filled with acceptance and empathy.