Ria Kitsch

President & Co-Owner of Kitsch Wines Ltd.

What are you most proud of?
Tough one. I am probably most proud of my marriage. Since I first met him, Trent has expanded my world and lifted me up - but not without a lot of work on my end: facing fears, challenging self-imposed limitations, and working physically long and hard hours, not forgetting to let loose and have fun. And all the while I inspire him to grow as well, in many ways. We work together and raise our kids together, and I am very proud of what we are building together.

What is your hope for the world?
My biggest hope for the world would be for it to slow & stop climate change.

What is your wellness mantra?
This too, shall pass.
It helps my treasure the good times and helps me get through the hard times. It reminds me that change is constant and reduces my attachments mentally and physically.