Tabitha Fritz

CEO of Fritz’s Cannabis Company, Cannabis Educator & Consultant, Creator of the Level UP Budtender Education Program

What are you most proud of?
I’m pretty proud of keeping myself and my kids alive and somewhat functioning during a pandemic! But I think I’m most proud that I’ve always been true to myself. I’ve made a lot of moves that other people didn’t understand, and that didn’t seem to make sense at the time, but every time, I knew what I was doing was right for me. I’ve always lived by my own intuition, rather than what I’m “supposed” to do, and I feel really proud of that.

What is your hope for the world?
My hope for the world is that all people begin to see that there are as many valid perspectives as there are people living on the Earth. Each of us has a unique way of looking at things because we are unique individuals with diverse experiences. I hope that everyone starts to see the value in hearing what others have to say.

What is your wellness mantra?
Balance, balance, balance. I have a tendency to be extreme about things, so I really try to focus on finding balance, and changing up the way I exercise or the food I’m eating based on how I’m feeling that day. I eat vegetarian or pescatarian most of the time, and I try to eat lots of fruit and veggies, because it makes me feel good and I like the colors. I’ve also learned that what is balanced for me is always in a state of flux, changing as my body responds to internal conditions and external stimuli, so I’m always listening to my body tell me what it needs in each moment.